About MouthMediX
MouthMediX is a company that started with one idea but encompasses many ideas. The vision of MouthMediX started with the invention of a toothbrush that will revolutionize the way people across the world will clean their mouth, but is limitless in the ways we can spread smiles across the world!

Mickey, the owner/operator and inventor of “The Thungy”, grew up in a small town in North Florida and had the desire to be an entrepreneur like his parents. Watching his parents build and successfully run businesses, Mickey learned from an early age that hard work and determination could take him anywhere he wanted to go and do anything he wanted to do. Mickey followed in his parents foot steps and started a successful concrete pumping business in 1996 which he still owns and operates today.

Mickey’s Story

The idea of coming up with an Exfoliating Tongue Scraper & Toothbrush Combo was a few years in the making. It started out with a single thought, “How can I have a tongue scraper with a toothbrush on the other end to make it more convenient to use?” Mickey made the decision right then and there to search for the product he saw in his mind, but what he envisioned was not out there on the market. So, with a few drawings and a couple of prototypes he started putting his vision together. He found an amazing graphic designer and manufacturer. He told them what he saw in his mind and they made it come to life. “ The Thungy” is not only used by Mickey everyday, but he truly believes that everyone will experience the benefits of a clean and healthy mouth when they use “The Thungy.”

There is more, Mickey knows in order to be successful you truly have to believe in what you do and what you say, so after a year of using “The Thungy” he can say without a doubt this toothbrush delivers the facts and benefits of having a clean mouth. We all know how to brush our teeth, we do it every single day, “The Thungy” gives you the benefits of a toothbrush and tongue scraper with the addition of the exfoliator all in one.

In addition to Mickey’s journey with “The Thungy” he suffered the tragic loss of his father to Alzheimer’s Disease. Through that experience Mickey decided that in the future, while he was “Spreading Smiles Across the World” with “The Thungy” he would, in time, create a way to help families that care for loved ones with Alzheimer’s Disease. His vision increases day by day and nothing but hard work and determination will bring full circle his desire and enthusiasm to offer you the best smile you can possibly have!